Welcome Saints!

For more information, please read the Parent and Student Handbook.

Student Grades and Assignments can be accessed via Gradelink – please use the login information that was provided at the beginning of the year.

Parents should not share their login information with their student. If you have problems with Gradelink, please contact the Front Office.


Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Saint Therese Carmelite School students will become:

Faithful Catholics who

  1. Know and practice the basic truths of the Catholic faith;
  2. Foster a personal relationship with God and have frequent recourse to the intercessions of the saints;
  3. Are familiar with the lives of the saints, especially Saint Therese and the Carmelite saints.

Academic achievers who

  1. Read, write and speak effectively;
  2. Think critically and solve problems logically;
  3. Appreciate the Fine Arts; and
  4. Have a strong sense of wonder and depth of inquiry.

Virtue-driven citizens who

  1. Seek the good, the true, and the beautiful;
  2. Imitate the virtues of the saints, especially charity and respect towards all; and
  3. Use their God-given talents for the greater glory of God.